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Attentions for Inactive Members Empty Attentions for Inactive Members

Post by LoveStoned on Fri Jul 11, 2008 3:23 am

Although this forum is new, and I would like to have many members, but too many inactive members is bugging me. So from now on, if you registered for 7 days already yet still has 0 post, your account will be deleted. It is even better if you'll tell us to delete your account if you aren't going to post in this forum. and if you're only interested in our download section and you're a leecher, you can leave now. You must at least say a "thank you" for all the hardworks the uploaders put. This is a sign of respecting and thanking, it only takes 3 seconds to type "thank you", and it does not harm you. Is it that hard to say thank you? No.

11 July 08 - 24 members deleted
26 July 08 - 1 member deleted
3 August 08 - 8 members deleted
14 August 08 - 6 members deleted
23 August 08 - 5 members deleted
30 August 08 - 10 members deleted
5 September 08 - 9 members deleted
12 September 08 - 5 members deleted
21 September 08 - 13 members deleted

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