[FIC] The Precious Time of My Life

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[FIC] The Precious Time of My Life

Post by yummiebiey on Wed Jun 11, 2008 9:24 am

the main character,
This will not be a long story..
Only a short one..
But not that short..
So, here is the starting..
A short starting only.
A very shortttttttttt starting.. =.=||

It's my first day of school in my second year of highschool.
I go to school in a good spirit.
I'm thinking, will he be there in the same class with me?
I open my the door of my classroom, and there he is!
I'm in the same class with him again.. Muahahah..
OMO! I'm too excited here..
Calm down, dear.. Calm down...

[A/N : anyway..my english is not that good..
so, sorry for any grammatical mistake yea..]

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he loves FOOD! Smile

I'm more than pretty mouth
I'm more than pretty mouth

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Re: [FIC] The Precious Time of My Life

Post by ninilovesmax on Thu Jun 12, 2008 12:03 am

i read this fic in winglin...
ukyummie is you right?
i got the feeling it is you..but i never get the chance to ask you..hahaha xDDDDD

im waiting for the update!
i want to know what you did to him!!!
sound...ehem to me..
nah..dont want to spoil the story here...


Mummy slapped me.
Mummy slapped me.

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