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Post by AngeCloud on Sat Apr 19, 2008 5:53 pm

Wondering how to use the chatbox?
Here are some guides to help >w<

The Buttons of the ChatBox

The Chat Box Chatbo10
1. The refresh button allows you to manually refresh the ChatBox
2. The checkbox Auto-refresh allows you to have the ChatBox automatically refreshed.
3. The archives button allows you to see older posts (unless the messages have been cleared)
4. The log-in/logout buttons is used to log-in or log-out from the ChatBox
5. The button B allows you to put your text in bold format
6. The button I allows you to put your text in italic format
7. The button U allows you to underline your text
8. The button S allows you to strike your text
9. This button allows you to change the color of your text
10. This button allows you to insert smilies in your texts.
11. This is where you post the contents of your message
12. This button allows you to change the height of your Chatbox.

The right-click

Right-clicking a member's username allows you to access to a few features :

1. View the member's profile
2. Send a PM to this member
3. Show yourself as Away (a popup window will ass you to give a reason, it's up to you to fill in this field or not)
4. Leave the ChatBox (a popup wiindow will ask you to give a reason, it's up to you to fill in this field or not)
5. Kick a member (depends on the permissions)
6. Ban a member (depends on the permissions)
7. Give him the moderationi status (depends on the permissions)


Who are the members with the @ ? These are members who can use the ChatBox moderation commands.

My parameters (bold, colors, etc.) aren't saved. These parameters are saved using Cookies, so make sure your browser accepts Cookies.

Why am I disconnected after a refresh (F5) / Why aren't we automatically connected ?
A Technician wrote: This process is necessary. Otherwise, a person who comes on the homepage without wanting to use the ChatBox will see his page being regularly refreshed for nothing... This makes the servers, your machine, etc. work for nothing.

Only the chatbox is refreshed, but this is using some database and then, sends requests, so this consumes server loading uselessly for some cases.

So, when you access the homepage (or portal), the chatbox stays (and will stay) logged off.

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