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Post by Yuki_Onna on Sat Apr 19, 2008 11:22 pm

Rate: PG
Genre: author doesn't know.
Starring: Micky Yoochun, BoA, Lee Soo Man. Wink

I’m particularly fond of puppets. Since a child, I’ve been dreaming to be a puppeteer, putting on those dumb

faces glamorous clothes and make-up, controlling them with the strings in my hands.

And enjoy the feeling of freedom.

Cruelly said, I took it away from them.

Should I feel guilty for that fact? Should I feel guilty for following the indispensable rule of this place I’m living

in, stepping on the others to get higher?

Then I realize that I’m also wearing that dumbness on my face. I am, after all, just another puppet playing the

pretend game to look better than its fellow creatures.

Wanted or not, this world turns out to be a great well-prepared stage and everyone is to be involved in the

main, awaited play.

From the sophisticated to the clumsily made, from the expert to the amateur…

They can’t wait to start the play, to pull the strings and put control on the weaker…

And don’t even know if there is any audience who bothers to watch them…

The only thing in their mind is how to torture those pathetic puppets in order to show nobody that they’re


They’re laughing… contented and cruel…

Without knowing the truth that they are just another kind of better-made puppets of another artful playground…

In a nutshell, there’s no way to get out of that place…

But once, I’ve seen the king of the puppets…

That was a real man, with tears filling up his eyes and strings wound neatly around every of his fingertips…

“Why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be playing your role now, Park Yoochun?” He slowly opens his

mouth to speak while keeping his hands moving rhythmically to the sound of an old tired grandfather clock.

“I want to break free… I want to get rid of the strings bound tightly to every joint of my soul…” I tell him, trying

to sound more secure than ever… I want to be free… I do… I don’t want to be a silent puppet for the rest of

my life or a heartlessly stupid puppeteer…

The king pauses at my words for a moment. I nervously watch as a spark glowing from his beautiful eyes.

“You’re asking for the impossible, Yoochun… Don’t you understand? A puppet can never get rid of its strings.

The more you tear off, the more you will see there is. But when you have pulled apart all that mess, you will

sure fall down and die…” He smiles softly and shows me towards a corner where dead puppets are kept…

I stand speechless as see them…

There are shreds of wood wraps together by bundles of thin invisible strings, which I can guess based on the

painting, are left of a high-class one…

“She was one of my favorite toys…but my love couldn’t stop it from trying to break from my control… Last time,

she told me that she had had enough and that she wanted freedom… And when I wasn’t looking, she did it…

and fell apart when the last strings that held her up broke…”

I shudder…thinking about the scattered pieces that would once belong to me…

“I’m myself a puppet too…” I look at the King in shock…

“See?” I vaguely notice a net overlapping above his head…

I look at my love standing back on the stage, a pretty puppet with also countless strings above her head…

Without the strings, I would just be a senseless wooden piece and so will she…

But if we come together, our strings would twist up in an irremovable mess and that only leads to the death for


I look up the strings shining arrogantly above…

And go back to where I should be…

Where I will continue to live a glamorous, abundant life thanks to the King and his control…

Where I lost my heart…

The End
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[Oneshot] Heart of a Puppet Empty Re: [Oneshot] Heart of a Puppet

Post by yummiebiey on Tue Apr 22, 2008 8:58 am

i know this fic..
a very deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppp story..^^
luv this much..
waiting for joongie's & minnie's part..

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