Apply for Affiliates

Thu Jun 05, 2008 10:34 pm by LoveStoned

We only accept forums, domains and subdomains, and fansites. Do not open a new topic to apply for affiliates, reply in here instead. Apply with the form below.
Your banner must be 88x31pixel, we do not accept any other size of your banners. & please add our button to your forum before applying.

Our forum details:

Forum Name : Gossip Whatever
Desciption : We are the gossipers! Join us and …

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Attentions for Inactive Members

Fri Jul 11, 2008 3:23 am by LoveStoned

Although this forum is new, and I would like to have many members, but too many inactive members is bugging me. So from now on, if you registered for 7 days already yet still has 0 post, your account will be deleted. It is even better if you'll tell us to delete your account if you aren't going to post in this forum. and if you're only interested in our download section and you're a leecher, you …

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Promote Thread

Thu Jun 05, 2008 10:32 pm by LoveStoned

Well, yea we allow you to promote your forum, blog, domain or whatever in here. We do not allow you to promote them in your signature and posts. Do not post a porn/virus site.

Promote like this:
FORUM (Example)
Site's Name : Gossip Whatever
Desciption : We are the gossipers!
Link :
Banner : banner size only allowed 88x31 or 50x50 pixel.

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New URL / Re-direct url

Tue Apr 29, 2008 4:02 am by LoveStoned

I've just registered in for a shorter and cooler url. It is a re-direct link, not a domain name.

You can now access Gossip-whatever with a new re-direct url.

bu of course, both and lead to this

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Welcome to Gossip-Whatever, a new community forum which discuss and gossip about most thing that we can gossip about. Below is the list of our forum rules. We will be very glad if you obey them. In addition, please do not copy out rules, we refered to some other forums' rules and type this ourselves.


: If you want to change your username, please PM Admins LoveStoned and AngeCloud. They will help you with your problems.

: Do not register more than once. If you have lost your password, please contact the admins.

: Be active in this forum and be polite. Reply with manners and respect.

: We will be very glad if you follow these tiny simple rules.

General Rules

: No bashing, porn, racist, insulting, adult contents etc. Respect peoples, live in peace.

: This is a free-style forum. You are allowed to spam but not too much.

: Apply for affiliates in Applications.

: The maximum sixe allowed for avatars is 150x200 pixel, 64kb.

: Graphis signatures should not exceed 400x200 pixel, and 5 lines of text or less.

: We might edit your signatures if your break the rules.

: Post your topic in the right section. If you, by accident, posted in the wrong section, please kindly PM the Moderators or Admins.

: Double posting is not allowed. PM the Admins or Moderators just in case you accidentally double posted.

: If you are confused and blur with the sections in Gossip Whatever when sharing a topic, please kindly PM admins or moderators before posting; or post it under the section you think is right, and PM the Admins or Moderators to double check.

: Reply to the topics you read at least with a simple "Thank you" . Do not hestitate to share your comments with us.

: This is an International English forum, so please kindly post up everything in English. Kindly provide a translation if you were to share topics in other languages.

: Moderators, please do not remove any download links, they spent their time to upload. Appreciate them.

: Do not hotlink any files unless the uploaders gave you permissions. Bandwidth is a privilege, not a right.

: Here are some examples of some free file hosting servers. There are more.

1. Megaupload [MU] - A very good file hosting server, but not useful for Malaysians and Singaporeans unless you download their Megatoolbar. Very useful for big files, strongly recommended for non-Malaysians and non-Singaporeans. (not sure about other countries)

2. MediaFire [MF] - Another very good file hosting server, mostly files will last forever like MU do. Strongly recommend.

3. 4shared [4S] - A very good file hosting server too, not sure if the files will expire. Strongly recommend if you need to organise them nicely under folders.

4. SendSpace [SS] - A good file hosting server, but the files will expire if the file is not active, premium account user will last forever. Max upload file size is 300 MB. *thumbs up*

5. FileBam [FB] - A typical file hosting server, inactive files will be deleted.

6. ShareBee [SB] - Once you upload from there, there'll be download links for other servers such as MU, zShare and etc. Useful for uploaders who always upload to a few servers.

7. zShare [zS] - Another good file hosting server, but definitely not for big files. It provides preview of audios and videos. Useful as well.

8. Evil Share - I personally dislike this site, as they contain porn ads.

9. Filesend [FS] - No comment

10. USA upload - No comment

: Upload and host pictures yourself! We disallowed hotlinking pictures in this forum. You can upload your images using the button when you post a topic or reply. Click for instructions.
You may also upload images using:

1. Photobucket - It requires to register. The Fotoflexer provided allows you to edit your images.

2. ImageShack - A very good image hosting server, pictures will last forever if you have an account. They provide some useful plug-ins which is very useful for instant picture uploading.

3. Flickr - It is more like for blogs to me.

4. TinyPic - Not familiar with this. Banned Malaysian.

: Please credit your source where you share your stuff. You might just credit the very first place of that info/links and etc. Credits yourself if you found and create them yourself.
example: ABCD@Gossip-Whatever

: Hide codes are only allowed in the Download section and Spamming section. You can choose not to hide your links.

: Respect the staffs. They are doing their best to maintain this forum. They are the one helping out admin and sharing stuffs with you all. Please do not bash.

: Respect everyone as a human being. No posts, threads, or media that treat anyone in a derogatory manner, discuss false rumors (i.e., cosmetic surgeries) even if you anti them. Sorry, but we do not welcome anti-fans.

: Do not create threads of something like "Searching for new friends", "Searching for girlfriends" and etc. in this forum. Posting in About You considered as finding new friends plus introducing yourself.

: Do not post fake pictures of yourself, there's no point of doing it. We do not judge you by your looks and this is the internet. Not point for faking yourself.

: We will warn members if you broke the rules. And if any member noticed someone breaking the rules, please kindly inform the Admins and Moderators. Your help is appreciated.


Mostly, forums use BBCode for most of the things. Some members might don't even know what is code. Nevermind, you can refer to the BBcode Guide which is provided by Forumotion.


Announcements & News - Everything important which related to Gossip-Whatever will be post in there. Only Admins and Global Moderators are allowed to post in there.

Question, Suggestions & Feedbacks - Questions about our forum, and suggestions on how to improve this forum. Feedbacks are welcome of course.

Application - Members are welcomed to join the crew. Sign up to help out in the forum.

Projects - Projects under Gossip-Whatever will be announced in there. Members are welcome to organise a project on their own without Admins and Moderators being the leader. You have our full support.

About You - Are you a new member reading this? Good! Very Happy *claps hands* That's a place for newbies to introduce themself to other members of this forum.

Official Thread - Only Admins and Moderators are allowed to post in the section. Members can find info of various artist with their news that were shared in this forum.

News - The news section is where members share the latest news in the entertainment world. Remember to credit your sources.

Download - Uploaders will share their links here with the members in this section. Hotlinking is allowed only if uploaders gave permissions.

Reviews - Feel free to share your opinions on what you have read and listened or watched. Bashing is not allowed, yet real comment like "I am disappointed, this is horrible" are fine. Anti-fans are not allowed to leave bashful posts.

Pictures - All eye candies are posted here. No porns allowed. This section is for real pictures and not photoshopped. Photoshopped pictures by you yourself goes to the Photo Shop section.

Lyrics - Song lyrics are all posted here for members to sing along. Credits are required too.

Streaming Links - All videos from Youtube, Tudou, AOL Video, Veoh etc. are shared here. Members can emb videos in this section by using:
   [youtube]link   of   video[/youtube]   

or flash codes
   [flash(425,355)]link   of   video[/flash]

Even HTML codes are allowed here.

Request - The Request section solves your problems on finding the song, clips and download links you want. You may open a request thread and let other members request the songs you have. Set a sub-rules yourself if you wish to.

Spam - The first step to make friends is to get along with each other. You can open a thread of your own community and spam as much as you want, or else open a game thread and play with us.

Photo Shop - Talented photographer, Photoshopper, GIMPer and etc. Members can only post their creations here. Show us your talents.

Scrapbook - Words is the main key to express your feelings and imagnations. Fan fictions, poems and self-composed lyrics are welcomed in this section.

Dear Diary - Share your feelings and daily life, or fangirl with your net friends here. This is like your mini blog.

Show Us Your Talent - Video clips and sound clips of you dancing and singing can be posted here.

Classroom - Upgrade yourself with other foreign languages in this section.

Affiliates & Promotes - Apply as our affiliates to promote your forum. All affiliates will be shown in the Portal of our forum.

Topics Labelling

: The forum will be very messy if the topics are not labbeled.

: All topics should be labelled according to their gerne with "[]" in capital letters.

: The topics shared must be labbeled with their respective gerne as shown in the table below.
Chinese (Including Taiwan and China)
Western (USA, England, Europe etc.)

: After labelling the gernes, you should label the type of the topic.
[GENRE][TYPE]   Topic

: Various sections has various ways of labelling the types.

1. News Section

2. Download Section
For full album.
For full single.
For audio or more.
For drama episode.
For performance.
For short video clip.
[MV] or [PV]
For music video.
For trequest thread.
For commercials, advertisements
For The Making Of... and Behind The Scene.
For tribute.
For others which is not listed above.

3. Label only the Genre for Review section.

4. Pictures
Captured Images (Pictures taken from real life camera)
Photoshoot Images (High quality pictures)
Screen Shots (From video clips, TV shows etc.)
Scan pictures (From magazines and newspapers)

5. Lyrics
Original English Lyrics
Original Korean Lyrics
Original Japanese Lyrics
Original Chinese Lyrics

6. Streaming Links
Teaser or Preview
Fan Video
Music Video [MV] or [PV]
The Making Of... and Behind The Scene[TMO]
TV Shows

7. The Request is labelled same as the Download section.

You can ask questions by pm if there's any unsure. More rules will be added if necessary.

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